About Us

Where We Started

AJ Insurance Services is under the directorship of husband and wife team Amanda and Joe, based in greater Western Sydney Region. Striving to differentiate themselves among the mass competition of small, medium, national and international insurance brokers, Amanda and Joe focus on their customer’s business and managing their expectations in the event of an insurance loss. 

Joe has been in the insurance industry for nine years, starting as a teenager at NRMA Insurance. As a lead account manager for six years, Joe has managed some of Australia’s biggest insurance company accounts including ASX listed companies.

AJ Insurance will be three years as of October this year, having access to over one hundred local insurance companies and to insurance cover challenging occupations in London and Singapore. AJ Insurance specialises in Recycling & Water, Solar & Renewables, Motor Trades, Hospitality/Accommodation & Food Manufacturing.

Insurance Broker

What do we do?

Insurance Quotes and Policy Management

AJ Insurance Services works with you, the customer, to understand relevant information regarding your insured risk to build an effective and wholesome insurance program, before taking it to the insurance market for quotation. Once the quote has been received from the insurance market, we will negotiate for any product amendments, extensions of cover and discounts.

Claims Management

AJ Insurance Services are Insurance Brokers with a difference. We pride ourselves in providing the best claim services. AJ Insurance takes charge of your claim, guiding you through the rebuilding process, whilst having the claim assessed. AJ Insurance is by your side the full duration of the process and here to assist in any way possible.

Risk Management Analysis & Implementation

AJ Insurance Services constantly strive to provide depth analysis, research and advice around your business and applicable risks, moreso how to reduce these said risks and the likelihood of future claims. AJ Insurance Risk Management programs are designed to be simple to implement and compliment your insurance program. AJ Insurance wants to ensure you know how to manage risk better where possible.

Insurance Program Review and Advice

AJ Insurance offers honest advice on your insurance options and can review your insurance program, ensuring you are getting bang for your buck. With the ample amount of insurance options on the market it is vital to review the options and identify which options suit your needs, whether that be personal, family or business.

Renewal Marketing and Negotiations

AJ Insurance goes through the quoting process each year, to obtain up to date information for your covers. AJ Insurance approaches the relevant and often changing markets once more to obtain the best coverage for the best price. We renegotiate in all cases and ensure premiums are relative to the risk you present to an insurer.